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Wednesday Nights at Berean



6.00 pm – Nurseries open for Awana workers

6.15 pm – Awana Begins
6.15 pm – All Nurseries Open

6:30 – 7:45 pm (Adult) Wednesday Study Groups



AWANA Volunteer

Approved Workers Are Not Ashamed! AWANA is our biggest ministry that is open to the community. Many parents, who aren’t part of our church, bring their children to this weekly activity. Volunteers are always needed to disciple these children from K3 through 6th grade and help them store the Word of God in their heart. Be part of the fun! Be part of the team! (Some of the below studies will be recorded so that AWANA volunteers can watch them at a later time)


Click here to find the complete information about our AWANA program


 Wednesday Study Groups

Our Spring Semester Wednesday Study Groups will be starting on Wednesday, January 19, 2022.  These studies are offered in various rooms across the campus rather than a corporate worship in the Auditorium.  Come and learn together and fellowship in a small group setting.  See below for map of classroom locations.

The Study of James [LADIES ONLY] – Room A130

Leader: Michelle Baughan

This study of the book of James was written by Berean ladies for Berean ladies! No matter what stage of life you find yourself in, this highly practical study will help you become a student of the Word and develop godly relationships with your sisters in Christ. Each week’s portion of Scripture will encourage us to research, understand, and apply biblical truth.  When we meet together, we will spend time in prayer and discuss what we have learned.

Spiritual Leadership – Room A129

Leader: Dr. Jack Farmer

[Description Coming Soon]

Practical Christian Living at Work and Home – Room E107

Leader: Dr. Steve Wilson

If your desire is to live out your faith successfully at work and home then join us on Wednesday evenings as we discuss Practical Christian Living. These sessions are designed for everyone to be able to share what they have learned that is helpful to them as well as to share where they are struggling to keep it together and make life work. To make it pertinent, we will focus on the topics that you present as areas of difficulty and then we work through them with solutions to help. Issues with a boss, co-workers, neighbors, spouse, children, parents, in-laws, finances, time usage, schedules, organization are all potential topics of discussion. Think about what you are struggling with most in life and then have the courage to share it so a group of brothers and sisters in Christ can help you. You aren’t alone – we all have struggles.

On Purpose Parenting – Room A113

Leaders: Pastor Jonathan & Yvette Andrews

Crying infants, and sleepless nights; “terrible twos” and temper tantrums; sibling rivalry, rebellious teens, grown children. Is parenting always hard? Is there a purpose to these things? Where do you turn for answers? Does modern thought have the answer, what about good old-fashioned discipline? Are there practical answers in the Bible? Come join a real-life study and discussion about dealing with all stages of parenting.

30 Days to Understanding the Bible – Room E108

Leader: Gene Hughes

It’s only the most important book ever written. And there is so much to be discovered it can be overwhelming. In “30 days to Understanding the Bible” we will take the great mosaic of Scripture written over 1500 years by 40 different authors and be awed together at the unified Truth that is presented. For the beginner, you will not be overwhelmed. For those who are further established, you will find the organization and expansion of your knowledge for which you have been looking. By the time you conclude this study, you will find that your personal time spent in the Word will be more profitable because you will naturally read in context. Your ability to discern truth wherever it is challenged will be enhanced because you will know if it fits into the big picture. And you will be strengthened in your faith because there is no denying the supernatural weaving of the words you hold in your hand. Let’s journey together through “30 days” and grow in our appreciation of the Word, our love for each other, and our adoration for the God who gave us both.

NOTE: This study requires the purchase of a book. Click here for the link. The cost is $14.59.

The Study of Daniel – Room E110

Leader: Pastor Sean Harris

The book of Daniel is as mysterious as Ezekiel in the OT but the coming of Christ and the light of the NT brings clarity which the 1st century Jew did not have as they navigated through the incredible prophecies given to Daniel concerning the Son of Man and the promised Anointed One. Jesus himself validates the veracity of Daniel the prophet, compelling his disciples to study this important book. This study will not be a lecture. Instead, participants are expected to study the text and come prepared to discuss what the Scripture says. Each week we will read the text and seek to determine what questions need to be asked and what the possible answers are to these questions in light of the NT.

The Study of Romans – Room A128

Leader: Dr. Mike Boarts and Deacon Nate Gantt

The book of Romans is God’s word, written through Paul, to a group of immature believers that he has yet to meet in person. Romans provides a great theological foundation for any and all growing and multiplying disciples of Jesus. This study will not be a lecture. Instead, participants are expected to study the text and come prepared to discuss what the Scripture says. Each week we will read the text and seek to determine what questions need to be asked and what the possible answers are to these questions, in light of the rest of Scripture.