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Volunteer Opportunities

Berean Baptist Church could not exist without volunteers. Every Wednesday and Sunday (and sometimes other days) hundreds of volunteers serve the body of Christ to make a difference with their spiritual gifts or talents.

Volunteers serve as greeters, drivers, assistants, ushers, workers, teachers, child care providers, singers, orchestra players, cooks and dishwashers, carpenters, painters and so many other functions.

Click here to see a list of ministry leaders and their contact information.

Anyone working with children is required to submit a Background Check prior to working in that ministry.

Anyone working in the nursery is required to fill out and submit a Nursery Volunteer Form which includes a background check.

The Gift of Teaching

It is our desire to allow those who have the gift of teaching to exercise their gift and to develop themselves within this local body.  There are other expectations other than teaching for one to lead a Sunday School class such as caring, follow-up, etc…. In addition to the expectations, there are additional concerns about the character possessed by those who stand to minister the Word of God before God’s people.  It is for this reason that we conduct a short questionnaire which will be viewed by someone on the pastoral staff and approved by the Associate Pastor.  We believe the teacher is also called to shepherd the flock (Eph 4:11), and that this calling carries with it a most sobering accountability (Jam 3:1).  Please prayerfully consider your desire to lead God’s people in any facet.