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Gerald and Mary Branch – Mexico

In Aug. 1985 the Branches entered Mexico. They finished language school in 1986 & immediately started preaching in Spanish. In 1987 they started Las Torres Bapt. Ch. in Monterey, and have since planted 3 other churches while starting a radio ministry and a Christian school. They provide mentorship to the current pastors and are now in semi-retirement in the states. BBC is their sending church. Visit their website

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Oleh and Lori Enskyy – Ukraine

The Enskyy family has served the Lord in Ukraine in various ministries for 22+ years.  The Lord allowed them to plant Holy Trinity Baptist Church in Western Ukraine 13 years ago. Their ministry consisted of preaching the Gospel, discipling new believers, sport’s ministry, feeding and afterschool ministries to vulnerable youth, veteran ministries, and medical outreaches.  They have been working hard to tear down cultural stigmas left over from the USSR attached to Bible-believing churches and preach the Gospel in word and deed.

On February 24, 2022, their world was forever changed.  Russia invaded Ukraine and commenced to unleash violent, genocidal troops on innocent civilians.  Their church opened its doors and became a temporary shelter for those fleeing to the West.  Mukachevo is located 20 miles from the Hungarian border and became a stopping point for millions of Ukrainians.  They worked closely with the city government to help facilitate care and support for thousands of internally displaced people.  With the help of their supporting churches, they could give the Gospel in word and deed by giving shelter, feeding the weary, distributing humanitarian aid, evacuating civilians and wounded soldiers, and continuing to feed vulnerable children and refugees in Mukachevo.

They are currently on furlough in Raleigh, NC, until they decide the location of where they will be serving after the war. But they know it will be with the Ukranians and in a church planting setting.

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Luke and Jessica Marie – Bolivia

Luke and Jessica consider it a privilege to work as church planters with an emphasis in deaf ministries. Their goal is to evangelize the lost, counsel, disciple, train Bolivians in God’s Word, and plant churches all for the glory of God.

Facebook page – Luke & Jessica Marie-4thegospelssake-Bolivia.

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Javier and Silvia Perez – Spain

Javier Perez became the pastor of Iglesia Biblica Evangelica (Evangelical Bible Church) in Sabadell, Spain in March 2018.  An intercultural and international church, IBE has Americans, Chileans, Argentines, Ecuadorians, Bolivians, Hondurans and others, in addition to Spanish and Portuguese. They see the hand of the Lord in everything and hope not only to be a blessing to the city of Sabadell but to the entire region of Vallés, being, with the help of God, a mother church for other church plantings in the future.  The Perez family visited Berean in August 2022.  Listen to this interview to learn more about their family and their ministry.

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IBE Website –

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Rom and Rachel Ribeiro – Brazil

Berean began supporting Rom and Rachel in 2008. Rom is a seasoned missionary pastor and is presently working on his sixth church plant in Brazil. His primary website,, is in Portuguese but the translation tools in Google make it easy to read. You can also visit the website of their mission board to keep up to date with their progress.

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Luke and Anna Tanis – Malta

The Republic of Malta is an archipelago of Mediterranean Islands, strategically located between Southern Europe and North Africa. As a result of it’s location, Malta has been conquered by many different civilizations through the years. Each conqueror left remnants of their civilization which makes Malta a cultural melting pot in many different ways.  Malta has the highest population density of any area in the European Union with over 4,000 people per square mile.  But the population is of 98% Catholic.

Luke and Anna Tanis moved to Malta in November 2021 after they finish their deputation and fund-raising.  Together with their young children, Theo and Layla, they joined two other missionary families who already lived and worked in the country. They have been learning the culture and helping with church planting and gospel preaching. The official language of Malta is English so they did not need to spend time in language training as so many missionaries need to do!

Follow them on their website at

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Takuji and Hiroko Yamazaki – Japan

Pastor Yamazaki is committed to church planting and leading a Christian school in Japan. Yamazaki has planted Toyohashi Grace Baptist Church and is preparing to transition and begin a new work in the area. Visit their ministries (the bottom two sites can be read by “right clicking” on the page and “translating to English” in most browsers): Toyohashi Grace Baptist church (English site)

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