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Berean’s Mission Program

Berean stands unapologetically for the sovereignty of God in the salvation of the nations. We are but grateful instruments in His plan to win His “elect” from among all people groups before His return (Mat 24:14Mat 28:19-202 Tim 2:10Rev 5:9-10). With monthly support to 13 missionary families and organizations, Berean gives 12% of the entire regular income of the church to these missionaries and special missions projects. Our missionaries visit us upon each furlough and we are grateful to host them and inquire of their current needs while attending their latest updates in an evening service.

Please listen to the entire podcast above and read the following two documents before contacting the church.

We believe the best way to describe our relationship to our missionaries is to call them our “Global Partners in Proclaiming Christ.”  For more information on the missions ministry, please contact Pastor Mike Boarts at (910) 868-5156 or email

Berean’s Missions Program