BBC feeds hungry people through food collected by our members and donated to Fayetteville Urban Ministries. If you need help with food, please contact Fayetteville Urban Ministries directly at (910) 483-594.

BBC members and regular attenders may apply for financial assistance through our Benevolence Ministry. The financial assistance requests of members and regular attendees will be given priority for assistance; however, whenever possible, the needs of people not associated with BBC may be carefully considered. Benevolence is intended to assist those in need due to unexpected hardships (i.e. loss of job, medical emergency) resulting in a short-term specific need. We are unable to consider any requests except those that are short-term in nature. We are not able to provide long-term assistance. We do not help with childcare, long-term or chronic medical, credit card, taxes, or legal expenses. Our goal is to provide compassionate assistance according to our guidelines and available resources in time of difficulty.


Benevolence Request Form