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Church Officers

The church officers are the Senior Pastor, our Deacons, our Directors, the Church Clerk and the Treasurer.

The church elects the Senior Pastor, deacons, and directors at church business meetings. Deacons and directors serve for a three-year term and must rotate off for a one year sabbath. The board of deacons elects the church clerk and treasurer annually by three-fourths majority vote. The pastor’s term of office is considered permanent unless terminated by the pastor or the congregation. The details of this are articulated in the Church Constitution.

Members of the church may communicate with the church officers via their distribution boxes at the church or through the mail using the church address and attention their name.


The directors serve as the congregation’s representatives in a corporate sense in matters that relate to selling, lease, purchasing property; borrowing money or other financial contracts and similar matters that require a signature on behalf of a decision the congregation has made. The directors must be active or inactive deacons. Presently James Battie, James Sherrill and Dennis Stephens are serving as the church’s three constitutionally elected directors.

Church Clerk

Sister Teresa Perry serves as the church clerk. The clerk works in conjunction with the administrative staff of the church to ensure that the records of the church are kept properly and that matters pertaining to her area of responsibility are done so in accordance with the Constitution. She serves as the secretary of the corporation. She maintains the minutes to Members Meetings, has access to the membership role, baptism records, and ordination certificates. She signs all legal documents that require a corporate secretary signature. A complete list of her duties is outlined in the Church Constitution. The church clerk is not required to rotate out of her position annually.


Brother Brian Bahrenfuss serves as the church treasurer.  The treasurer works in conjunction with the financial staff of the church to ensure that the business of the church is done decently and in order. He serves as the treasurer of the corporation. He has access to the financial records and reviews receipts and reports as he deems appropriate. He or the Executive Pastor should be your first point of contact in regards to matters pertaining to the budget and the stewardship of God’s money. A complete list of his duties is outlined in the Church Constitution. The church treasurer is not required to rotate out of his position annually.


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