Before You Attend

Watch Last Sunday’s Sermon

Welcome to Berean

What Kind of Church is Berean?

Why Attend Berean?

People attend and unite with Berean because the preaching and teaching of God’s Word is preeminent above music, programs, and other activities that are normally used to market the church. Please don’t ask: “What do we have to offer?” as though you are shopping for a daycare or private school. Instead, explore this website carefully and see if this is the kind of place where you could serve our Lord and Savior with your gifts and talents. We are not a purpose-driven, seeker-sensitive or emergent church and we are not associated with a convention.

Why Baptist?

Sometimes a person will ask, “Why does Berean retain the word ‘Baptist’ in its name if it is primarily a Bible-believing church?” This is a valid question because the Bible is our sole written standard for beliefs and practice. However, Berean retains the name “Baptist” after “Berean” because Baptists have historically stood firm on very important New Testament doctrines: such as the centrality of the Gospel, baptism by immersion for only those who profess faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, the individual priesthood of all believers and the liberty of those in Christ to disagree over non-essentials of the faith. Historically, Baptists have also stood for regenerate (born again) church membership, congregational government led by pastors (elders), the autonomy of the local church, the separation of church and state, and the practice of only two ordinances: baptism and the Lord’s Supper. Retaining the name “Baptist” helps the world know what they can expect from Berean.

What to Wear

On Sundays, many people will dress in their “Sunday best” and others in less formal attire. On Wednesdays, we are a bit less formal because of the myriad of activities going on throughout the campus; soldiers and employees often come in their uniform. In either case, modesty is our goal.

What to Bring

Bring a Bible and your entire family.

What to Expect

As a visitor, you can expect a warm welcome, exciting praise and worship, and passionate preaching and teaching from God’s Word.

Berean’s worship services are carefully balanced with a blend of conservative, semi-contemporary songs and traditional hymns. Our early service lasts about 65 minutes and the second morning service lasts about 80 minutes. We begin with a call to worship through congregational singing and a focus on prayer. We welcome our guests and greet each other in love, enjoy special music and a pastor presents a 40-45 minute message from the Bible. We conclude each service with a time of prayer to respond to the Word of God and the Holy Spirit or to meet with a pastor or counselor. People receive Christ, are baptized, present themselves as candidates for membership and make important decisions for God during these times of invitation. Throughout the year, we partake of the Lord’s Supper during our Sunday evening worship service. The early morning service has around 200 in attendance; the second morning service fluctuates around 500 in the auditorium. Babies, toddlers, and small children are in the nursery wing and grades 1 through 5 may attend a separate children’s service, but many parents keep their children with them.

Our Sunday evening service is a time of family worship and teaching from the New Testament. On Wednesdays our focus is upon discipleship with preaching and Bible studies throughout the campus.

What about My Children?

On Sunday mornings, we provide childcare from birth to 4th grade for our Sunday morning preaching service. We have nurseries, preschool classes and a special children’s service called “Power Hour” led by a team of volunteers.

Childcare is also provided for during our adult Sunday School classes starting at 9.35am. Babies and toddlers are cared for in our nursery wing, while preschool age children and students through 12th grade attend age appropriate Sunday school classes led by teachers and helpers committed to educating our future generation with the Word of God in different locations throughout the campus. Anyone at our Welcome Center can direct you to the right class for your son or daughter.

On Sunday nights, childcare is provided from birth to four years old. During the evening preaching service preschool children are taught the Bible, given opportunities to play and interact with other boys and girls, and provided a snack. (Please notify the nursery staff if there are food allergies which need to be considered.) Babies and toddlers are cared for in clean, well-staffed nursery rooms equipped with age-appropriate toys, rockers and cribs.

You may register and drop off your children 10 minutes before any scheduled service begins on Wednesdays and Sundays. Read more about our nursery ministry.

We use cell phone notification in the event we need to contact you during a service. Children are signed in and out of each room/class, and the security of our children is very important to us.

On Wednesdays during the school year, babies and toddlers are cared for in our nurseries. All other children and students are encouraged to become active participants in our AWANA club (ages 3 and up).

All leaders, teachers, and workers in the nursery and student department have passed a criminal background check and are committed followers of Christ in good standing with BBC.

How to get Connected

There are two ways of getting connected at Berean. The first way is to faithfully attend one of our many Sunday School classes at 9.45am. In our small group Bible studies, you will meet people of similar interests and challenges. These small groups plan fellowships, activities, and other events both on and off campus. During these activities, you will have a better chance to get to know Christian brothers and sisters in a more personal way.

The second way is to begin serving the Lord through the church. There are numerous weekly service opportunities. Any pastor or ministry director can put a volunteer to work. Members and potential members really get to know each other when they work together. Contact any pastor or call the church office to get more details about the prerequisites for different service opportunities.