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Pastoral Care

At Berean, the pastors take great pleasure in being “shepherds of God’s flock.”

Ministry of the Word

There is no greater duty than to feed God’s sheep (Acts 20:28). Many times, the woes of one’s life can be avoided if they heed the frequent, consistent counsel coming from the pulpit. The pastoral staff works tirelessly to make sure they present a historical, contextual understanding of the text while giving relevant, life changing principles. Pastoral care at Berean is Bible-centered so the functions of exhorting, admonishing, reproving, and rebuking those within the flock of God—both in and out of the pulpit—can be carried out with loving, effective attention.

Many of these avenues of Biblical infusion are discussed at


At Berean, we understand the power of prayer. The pastors receive prayer requests on the back of the white cards in the pew, through email and over the phone. The church produces a weekly prayer guide with the needs of our congregation and community members. Pastors meet weekly to pray for the needs of the church and pray for the flock during their personal times of prayer. If you have a prayer request you would like to include in our weekly prayer guide, please call the church office at (910) 868-5156 with your need. If you would like a time of prayer with a pastor, you may contact the same number to set up an appointment or request a visit. You may also fill out a blue card located on the backs of the pews and place it in the offering plate or give it to a pastor, a deacon, or an usher. Don’t be surprised if the pastor wants to pray with you right there when you share a prayer request.

Administration of the Ordinances

Baptism and the Lord’s Supper are available to those who profess Christ as their Savior. Baptism as discussed at is a sign of the change that takes place in a Christian’s heart, while the Lord’s Supper is an illustration of the death Christ died. These two ordinances are to be practiced as a church and are considered obligatory for every child of God.


If you or a loved one is hospitalized, and you wish to receive a visit, please call the church office at (910) 868-5156 to request a visit. If you are concerned about matters of life and eternity and wish to receive pastoral, Biblical counseling, please reach us at the same number. Many times, our pastors will visit someone in their home or meet them in our offices here.  More information can be found at


We are here to assist in the oversight/planning your wedding at Berean. This is a most solemn and joyful occasion, and we have the facilities to make this a memorable event.  Berean has a beautiful Chapel with an extremely modern appearance and perfect lighting, spacious enough for sizable bridal parties. Please see the following link, or contact the church office at (910) 868-5156 for more information. Priority, of course, goes to those within the Berean family.

Funeral Arrangements

It is never easy to lose a loved one. We desire to assist in bearing your burden. We will come beside you with compassion and encouragement to honor the loss of your loved one. Please call the church or a pastor's cell number as soon as a death occurs in your family.  Although priority of care is to the Berean family, we will speak with you if you are without a church home as well. More detailed information is available at

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